First steps in Mexico!

That is it! Me and my backpack have landed in Mexico!  🙂   I have done the first step..

I arrived in Mexico City and straight away I’ve found the people friendly and helpful – despite my broken Spanish remembered from my school days. The capital city is very lively and there are bands playing on the street a bit everywhere. I have already seen and done quite a few things in my first week: Visited the historical city centre, markets & bazaars, the “Venise of Mexico City” Xochimilco, climbed the Pyramid of the Sun at the ancient Aztec site of Teotihuacán and gazed upon the Piedra del Sol (Aztec calendar) in the Museo Nacional de Antropología.

Catedral Metropolitana y Sagrario

Catedral Metropolitana y Sagrario





Piedra del Sol

Piedra del Sol

So that’s the touristy stuff. More intriguing for you is the following: I’ve assisted a surgery on a dog, watched a prehistoric “flying” turtle snap a branches and hissed at us, watched a few people making babies & a lot more buying them, and a cat that would only eat her slice of ham if put on her back first!

I was felt very welcome. I went to a house party and of course drank like the locals Mezcal, Mexican beers like León and Victoria, and some other drinks that I can’t remember the name of (not that I was drunk at that point but broken Spanish as I said). I also played Breton music to my host and taught him a couple of Breton dances! My work is therefore done in Mexico City and I have now moved on to Oaxaca.




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